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Pay attention to who you add as a friend!

In Coin Master, friends are very important. The right friends can make the game much more fun, but bad friends can also be quite annoying. Your goal should be to make the best friends possible in Coin Master. In the game there is a limit to how many friends you can have. Therefore, you should keep only good friends and just remove the bad friends.This will give you some more advantages. For example, you can get a lot more coins and spins!

What makes a good friend at Coin Master?

There are some unofficial rules among friends. For example, you should write a message on Facebook before you attack someone’s village. This way the person still has time to use the coins. Don’t worry, you will still get coins even if the other person has already spent those coins. Also, you should find friends who always give you spins and with whom you can trade cards. Communication is very important!

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These are the friends you should avoid!

Those who constantly attack you and never send you gifts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them. With them the game is less fun and it’s just annoying when they constantly attack you without warning you.

Please remember that you always give spins to your fellow players. If they give you some, you should keep them as friends. If they never give you any, you should remove them. As mentioned above, Coin Master has a limit to how many friends you can have. If you are already at the limit, you should pay close attention to who is behaving well and who is behaving badly. You can remove a friend by removing him from Facebook.

Where can you find friends?

We can recommend you to use groups on Facebook to find friends. There are also enough players who like to trade cards and have already reached a high level. You can then simply invite these friends or add them as a friend.

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How do you get more coins and spins?

You can use apps to get free spins and coins. This is easily done by using Coin Master rewards. These rewards and links can be used every day and are constantly updated.

Here is a great Coin Master links app for Android, which is available in many different languages:

Alternatively, you can use cheats for Coin Master, which work at least as well!

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