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Collect all cards and make friends on Coin Master

Besides spinning the wheel and raiding other villages there is a little bit more to Coin Master. It is also about collecting cards and completing all collections. On every level, you will be able to find different cards, but sometimes it can also be a little bit tricky, especially when it comes to rare or gold cards.

Connect with other players and trade cards

If you are just alone and you play Coin Master all by yourself it is almost impossible to collect cards. Therefore you need to find other players, which are also looking for specific cards. We highly recommend you invite other players or become friends with them on Facebook. They will be automatically added to your friend list on Coin Master. In this way, you will also be able to get daily gifts and many other benefits. Friends on Coin Master are really a huge part of this game. Don’t miss it out.

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Use Facebook groups to collect cards

You might ask yourself where you can find other players. Well, there are many different groups on Facebook, which are helping you to start out. It is important to only add quality friends. Avoid friends, which are never messaging you, never warn you before they raid your village and never send you daily gifts. Simply do yourself a favor and avoid them. Also, stay away from accounts, which want to sell you coins or who wanna harm you in any way. There are many of them, so be careful.

Here are two groups on Facebook, which we can recommend you to join, make friends and share cards:

Redeem daily Coin master rewards and links

If you prefer to get free Coin Master spins and coins instead of collecting cards you should start to redeem rewards. You can find them on different websites, blogs and applications for iOS and Android.

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The easiest solution is to download the rewards app on Android. They update the Coin Master rewards every day and all you need to do is open the app, navigate to “daily links” and press the blue button. It is really easy, but it can bring you hundreds of spins and millions of coins every single day!

Download the app here:

If you need more spins and coins you can also use the Coin Master hack, which is available in several languages. It is the fastest method to get an unbelievably high amount of coins and spins for free!

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